Hi there, I do emote commissions!
Over the years, I've been inspired to improve my doodles by online artists and anime.
If you like my work, feel free to contact me!

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Commission Info

Open for Commissions!

I make custom emotes and sub badges for personal use, Twitch, Discord, or any of your streaming platforms.

What you will receive
For Emotes
  • PNG files of the custom emote in it's original size and Twitch sizes (112px, 56px, 28px).
  • PNG files for a cropped version of original emote may or may not be included. Not gurantee
  • For Sub Badges
  • PNG files of custom sub badges in it's original size and Twitch sizes (72px, 36px, 18px)

  • Additional Notes:
  • I draw emotes part time and may not respond immediately due to my own responsibilties and priorities.
  • Delivery time may vary depending on workload, but generally 2 - 7 Days depending on size of the request. (See Commission Process below for more details)
  • My style is more towards chibi anime, see past work, but I am open to trying different styles!
  • Prices & Payment

    Emotes and Sub badges can be commissioned by directly contacting me on Twitter (@_portablepotato) or through Fiverr (portablepotato). Twitter is preferred.
    *All prices are in USD and may be subject to change. Prices may vary. Buyer is responsible for any additional fees that may occur.*


  • $20 per emote, $55 for 3(cumulative)
  • Sub badges for $10 each unique designs, +$5 for each variation/recolor
  • Additional $40 for merchandising rights.
  • *Fiverr prices may vary*

  • Payment Process
    I accept payment over Paypal or Fiverr (Paypal preferred).
  • When sending payment over Paypal, please select the "Send to Friends / Family" option. Failure to do so may result in a Paypal fee that I may request to be paid prior to starting the commission.
  • Fiverr processing and fees may vary.
  • Commission Process

    My general process is as follows:
    1. Open discussion on your commission request. You provide description / details, and reference images of what you'd like your emote / badge to look like. Please be detailed as possible.
    2. After agreeing to terms of service and receiving payment, I'll begin the sketching process and check-in for your feedback and any revisions you may have. Once satisfied, I'll move foward to cleanup and coloring phase.
    3. Once emote's have been cleaned up and colored, I'll provide a preview of the finished product for any additional feedback and or revissions you may have.
    4. Once satisifed, Twitch sized PNG files will be created and provided and commission will be completed.

    Terms of Service

    By starting a commission, you acknowledge and accept to the contents of this Commission Info page and the following:
    • Payments are to be made in full at agreed upon price before starting a commission. Buyer will be responsible for any additional fees (See Prices and Payment).
    • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
    • I reserve the right to terminate an active commission for reasons as I see fit. Example reasons may include, but not limited to: harrassment and breaking terms of service. (i.e. Please be nice :))
    • If you are unsatisifed with how a sketch is turning out, you may request a refund for 65% of your payment.
    • Commissioned work are for personal and agreed upon use only (no merchandise or resale, unless discussed). Personal use includes uploading to Twitch, Discord, and similarly intended mediums.
    • Do not steal, trace, or do any dubious actions on my art without my permission.
    • Free revisions may be requested during the commission process. Minor revisions are available after a commission has been completed. Any major revisions after a commission is completed may require additional fees. Additional fees will be discussed upon at time of request.

    If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to contact me!
    (Preferred) Twitter: (@_portablepotato)
    Fiverr: (portablepotato)